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Legoland's Draft Environmental Impact Statement is riddled with inaccuracies, absent information and misinformation.

Citizens of Goshen Plan Rally Against Legoland

There is no turning back if the Spot Zoning that is proposed gets approved. 

Draft Scope Final Copy is up

DEIS based on Scoping Session. Although reduced Real Estate Values is not included that is a real Consequence and we have Appraisal Report to Prove it.

Understanding Spot Zoning

The “classic” definition of spot zoning is “the process of singling out a specific parcel of land for a use classification totally different from that of the surrounding area for the benefit of the owner of such property and to the detriment of other owners."

Legoland Big Plans for Small Towns

Link to Bloomberg News Article.

Town of Goshen Denied Zoning Change in April

This development was turned down in April due to Negative Impact of increased Traffic on historic Goshen and the Lack of Water. 

Goshen Town Board hears residents concern over Mega Theme Park

Gochen, NY Residents do not want a theme park built in their town.

Why Insecticides are deadly to our environment

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Very Important! Draft Environmental Impact Statement Merlin Mega Theme Park

  • A DEIS is a document required under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA was signed into law in 1969.  It requires that federal agencies consider impacts of their actions on the natural and human environment.

  • Outlines the project limits, purpose and need for the project.  It identifies a range of reasonable alternatives and analyzes the potential impacts of the alternatives.

  • Involves the public

    • This process ensures that the public and agencies have the opportunity to learn about the alternatives and the environmental impacts.

    • It also gives the public and agencies the opportunity to provide input.

  • Includes supporting technical reports which analyze the different facets of the environment and the potential effects of the alternatives to the human and natural environments.

  • Serves as a disclosure document. This means the DEIS can and will be used as a tool for decision-makers. It helps them understand the project limits and lays out the purpose and need for the project. It also helps them more effectively weigh the benefits and impacts of each alternative.

6 Year Old Girls sexually assaulted at Legoland

2 Six Year Old Girls Attacked and Sexually Assaulted at Legoland August 2016

Law No. 5 More Proposed new laws for Legoland

It is illegal to build theme parks here so your town is changing the laws

Legoland Asks for 30 Year Tax Break

The developer of the proposed $500 million Legoland amusement park in Goshen has applied for a 30-year payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement from the Orange County Industrial Development Agency.

In its application filed on Thursday, the Merlin Entertainments Group also asks for a sales tax exemption totaling $13.5 million, and an unspecified mortgage tax exemption. It does not calculate the value of its proposed property tax agreement. The application states the current taxes paid on the 523-acre site total $91,185.

The 30-year duration of the requested PILOT is unusual. Most projects get agreements that phase in taxes over a decade or so.

Law No. 6 Proposed new law for legoland

Agenda and new law affecting Master Plan and Zoning change to create new Commercial Recreation Overlay District was introduced in Executive Session (behind closed doors) at the July 11, 2016 Work Shop Meeting

Orange County Residents Unite!

GOSHEN – Opponents of Legoland want to spread the word that the $500 million amusement park project is not “a done deal” despite support for it from town and county officials.

Goshen Residents hold Demonstration

WAMC Reports

EAF Legoland Goshen Environmental Assessment Form

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Goshen Open Space and Farm Land Preservation

About the SEQRA Process

If an action is determined not to have significant adverse environmental impacts, a determination of nonsignificance (Negative Declaration) is prepared. If an action is determined to have potentially significant adverse environmental impacts, an "Environmental Impact Statement" is required.


The SEQR process uses the EIS to examine ways to avoid or reduce adverse environmental impacts related to a proposed action. This includes an analysis of all reasonable alternatives to the action. The SEQR "decision making process" encourages communication among government agencies, project sponsors and the general public.

Honest Review of Legoland

Review of Legoland Experience

2008 Masterplan Goshen, NY

Goshens master plan is set forth to protect sensitive environmental sites like the Moodna Creek, The Otterkill Tributary and the Hudson River Basin all located on the site of the proposed Mega Amusement Park.

Residents Interviewed VIDEO

GOSHEN - Some residents in Orange County say a proposed theme park is not welcome in their area.

LEGOLAND is eyeing a more than 500-acre area of land off Route 17 in Goshen for its newest, multimillion-dollar theme park.

About 1,100 people have joined a newly created Facebook page called "Stop LEGOLAND."

Residents of Orange County sign online Petition Against Legoland

Havestraw says "NO!" to Legoland!

Supervisor Howard Phillips sent out a press release Thursday stating: "after hearing the concerns of our residents, we have decided to withdraw our consideration of the Legoland project.

Announcing Legoland is Coming to Goshen

After Months of closed door discussions Goverment Reps convinced Merlin Entertainement that Goshen was a great place to have Legoland. The Only problem is they did not ask the residents of Goshen if they WANTED  a mega Themed Park Resort in their Qaint Town.

Legoland Initial Planning Board Application

Filed June 13 2016 Dominic Cordisco's letter to the Town Board.. Here he states that Merlin is requesting an Zoning Amendment to create a "COMMERCIAL RECREATION OVERLAY DISTRICT". Without this district approved they will have a harder time to get their approvals.  It's interesting to note that Dominic Cordisco who is with Drake & Loeb, Merlin's legal council is one of the Trustees of the Citizens Foundation funded by the IDA. He also use to work for the DEC as their Region 3 attorney. The DEC Region 3 will be going over Merlin's SEQR application. Freedom of Information. http://www.dec.ny.gov/public/373.html

What is Blackstone and Why do I Care?

Blackstone is the largest owner of Merlin Entertainment "For years, Blackstone has been among the world’s largest private equity firms. Now, however, it is the world’s single largest real estate investor."

Paying for Big Buisness Tax Breaks

These subsidies didn't just come about by accident—at least 30 Fortune 500 firms pay their lobbyists more than they pay in taxes. Most small businesses can't afford lobbyists, so it's no surprise that the benefits of tax loopholes flow mainly to Wall Street, not Main Street.

Powerline Connection

The same company that owns Merlin Entertainment, GIC, just purchased 20% ownership in the Largest  Powerline Company in the US. There are Powerlines that run through this 530 acres.

Conflict of Interest? DEC and IDA Dominic Cordisco

 It's interesting to note that Dominic Cordisco who is with Drake & Loeb, Merlin's legal council is one of the Trustees of the Citizens Foundation funded by the IDA. He also use to work for the DEC as their Region 3 attorney. The DEC Region 3 will be going over Merlin's SEQR application. Freedom of Information. http://www.dec.ny.gov/public/373.html

The Deed to the 13 pieces of land

Many people asking "who owns the land" here are the answers

Largest Theme Park in the World to be Built in Goshen, NY

The largest theme park IN THE WORLD to be built in historic town of Goshen, NY

What is the IDA of Orange County?

The Orange County Industrial Development Agency, a public benefit corporation organized under Article 18-A of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York, provides assistance to qualified companies through a program of incentives. While the IDA does not lend money, it offers a wide range of incentives to qualifying businesses to encourage job creation and job retention. These incentives include, but are not limited to, sales and mortgage tax exemptions, real property tax abatements and, in some cases, the issuance of tax exempt bonds.

Quality of Life in Orange County Statistics

About Orange County New York

Orange County NY Economic Partnership

The Orange County Partnership is a private, not-for-profit economic development agency that serves as the one-stop resource for economic development in Orange County, NY. 
The Partnership’s team of economic development professionals works with commercial 
real estate brokers, developers, site selection firms and regional and statewide economic development agencies to find the most advantageous and cost-effective locations for corporate attractions and expansions.

$ 8.00 an hour Average LegoLand Employee Salary

Legoland Jobs are not good jobs. Imported labor and cheap wages.

Proposed Mega Theme Park Brings Concern

June 2016 Merlin long rumored Goshen Legoland

Merlin Entertainments will put forward plans for its largest Legoland theme park ever, with a special presentation outlining the project in Goshen, New York,

Legoland's North East Mega Theme Park

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