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Supervisor Bloomfield, “One of the things about Goshen is the historic charm and beauty of our community. Bringing in more traffic is a deterrent to the quality of life. Water has always been an issue. We don’t have an overabundance of water”. -April 25, 2016

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This morning the WTBQ show "the Frank Truatt Morning Show" had comments and praise for

the Legoland project,

Steve Neuhaus and

Maureen Hallahan.


The co-host Taylor stated that they had two thumbs up stickers throughout the studio and they were "pro". They also told listeners that those against the project need to "get a life".

Interesting for you to know that we called in to try and share some facts especially because they commented that they didn't believe home values would decrease in Goshen. They dismissed all facts and hung up without having a dialogue.

Instead of wasting my morning by redialing over and over ago to just get hung up on, I took two actions.  1 - to send them a brief email with facts (wtbqfrank@optonline.net)  2 - to send this email to you so you know that yet another media outlet is buying into to the hype we know to be FALSE.

We can change the results by being involved and continually sharing truth. Please follow up on this and send your own facts, maybe they'll wake up.

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